Friday, 11 August 2017

It's arrived and I'm not there

My pre-order from the Autumn/Winter catalogue has arrived but I'm not there 😢.

My daughter very kindly took a picture of the contents of the box - well some of them (she's sworn to secrecy). You can only see the top layer.

I didn't go too mad either. I could have ordered the whole catalogue but I was very restrained in the hope that it would reach me before I left for San Diego. But no such luck. Never mind, I have something to look forward to on my return to the UK.

Don't forget, if you join my group of crafting Acorns this month you can order items from the Autumn/Winter catalogue as part of your kit. You choose £130 worth for just £99 and there's no P&P to pay either. Bargain.

Fiona xx

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